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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pendants - add a necklace, ribbon, leather and WOW - you're got ART!
Brass and Sterling - $40   SOLD

Glass and collage - $20    SOLD

Clay with collage pin or pendant - $20

Clay with collage pin or pendant - $25 -SOLD!

Clay with bead  pin or pendant - $20

Stone and Glass wire - $25

Metal with wood beads - $25


  1. Hey there, great stuff. I would really like to buy the create pin but don't know how to do that online from your site. Will you be setting up PayPal? thanks

  2. Thank you for writing "artteacherLWK", I am hoping to get paypal up this week, if not, I do accept checks, so you can e-mail me at: and we can exchange e-mails! Thanks so much for your interest! I hope to get another 20+ images up by tomorrow evening! Debi West